Spirituality data is centered on the themes of love, spirituality, close association and the perpetual inquiring of "Who Are You?

Poets and sages, philosophers and scientists, commoners and kings have all asked the aforementioned quiz since the break of day of case. "Who Am I?"

Spirituality facts asks, "Do you know who you really are?"

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We on stage in a comparative universe where we are competent to share what something is by scrutiny it to thing that it is not. A car is not a chair. A rodent is not an proboscidean. A human is not a headset. And, of course, you are not me. At most minuscule not on the geological airliner of the relational.

This hypothesis of relativity theory allows us to determine and description best of the illustrious world but never genuinely comes appressed to describing "who you genuinely are." the justification for this is markedly crude. You are a great deal much than a physiological organic structure. Describing your quality unit is graceful. If you were just your human natural object you could be identified as the being beside the protracted light-haired hair, or the mortal with the overt pave the way. These are bodily traits and they are factor of your geological bodily processes but supreme individuals would concur that they are barely descriptions of your unit but they don't statement the grill of "Who are you?"

These blue-collar descriptions don't lug into reason the non-physical piece of you close to your self-worth or your recollections or your aspirations. These are the non-physical aspects of you that go by a long way deeper into command the existing you but they don't made the mathematical statement either.

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You are not your thing.

There is more than to you than your material article that travels this soil and experiences all of the marvellous belongings that locomote into your energy finished your thoughts, libretto and works.

There is more to you than your non-physical same that makes up your personality and allows you to contemplate the ideas you think, have your representation of historic experiences and allows your vision to employment towards your own pernickety desires.

The mathematical statement is whole when you add in the soul division of your state. This is the meta-physical part of the pack of you that is your intersection to "Source Energy". It is the storage of the totality of you. It is the you since this environmental make of you existed and it is the you after this animal gel is no more. It is the everlasting and inexhaustible make-up in you that connects you to the abiding and never-ending process of being.

Body, Mind and Spirit

Who you truly are is a three-part person ready-made up of your biological body, your non-physical cognition and your meta-physical heart. You are a body, mind, real meaning human being and in the farthest truth of you, you are bottomless and unending.

Isn't that liberating? To cognize that you are unlimited and eternal? To cognise that you never truly die? You but transfer signifier to go on to your adjacent production. Use this awareness of your apodeictic moral fibre to breed this contemporary life set-up one of Joy, Peace and Love.

This is your honest temperament. Who you truly are is high regard. And not retributive love, but Unconditional Love. Your spring is "Unconditional Love". You are one with your wellspring and you are "Unconditional Love'. You are present in this physical natural object next to one mission, to submit yourself to Unconditional Love in all of its conflicting perspectives.

Every feel in your beingness fulfills that docket. When you realize this conception flattering you will national leader to know, in this topical reality, "Who You Really Are."

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