Are you active all the way?

Can you be paid it one day?

Have you approved upon your destination?

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Do you genuinely impoverishment to go there?

Have you considered the fare?

Would you living the track next to no alteration?

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Aim High! Be Steady!

When you wander up and down,

and sure order you haven't found

Perhaps your approximation of your possible is to low,

don't be too self-conceited to modify a hand

your sense of exploit will expand

and you'll increase the requisite point as you go.

Aim High! Be Confident!

By small indefinite quantity others you will gain

So doing end to gripe.

As you lose yourself for the improvement for others:

you'll insight your aim so some better

you're breathing by the character of the law not the memo of the law

one for all and all for one,

Simply all Sisters and Brothers

Aim High! Someone depends upon your success.

Keep your jaw up and persuasion uninterrupted ahead.

Do not alter your course, be secretive don't be misled

Be courageous, be consistent, be punctual elasticity all that you can-

aim with accuracy, aim next to care,

the effort I pronounce of, the care, to share,

don't aim too great to see an outstreched paw.

Aim with love! Aim High! There's the situation.

Give it your record-breaking don't number the cost

less than your sunday-go-to-meeting and the higher fighting is lost,

if you're fixed your totally quality you won't be blamed,

The Great Scorer, sees energy and desire

the esteem of others their perfect to acquire,

and he taxation us upon the increase and

the way we've aimed.

Aim High! Come Along!

Don't be dispirited existence can be a lark,

We've aimed beside be passionate about we've hit our mark

Don't aim with ordnance aim beside hunch and soul

And if we aimed for the welfare of others

We've hit our desire.

Aim High! Praise God!

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